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I have a little collection of 'To Be Continued's, so I thought I'd say here for anyone who's interested about what I'm planning to do with them.  That and my Current Big Project are both located under the cut.
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Anything I haven't mentioned are all one-shots and completed.

Neopia's Real World Equivalents
Whenever I think of writing stories for Neopets, I always think of the world, because I love world-building.  A lot of the lands are based after stuff in the real world, like Lost Desert is based off of Ancient Egypt and Altador is based off of Greece, etc.  So I thought, to add some realism and fun to any stories I might write, I could base all the Neopets lands off of real countries.  It won't be an exact copy, of course, but it would be great to take away a lot of the customs and traditions of these real worlds and add them into Neopian lands, don't you think?  Here's what I've thought of so far:

  • Altador:  Greece (of course)

  • Neopia Central:  America (New York in specific) -- this is one I made up completely on my own.  Why, you may ask?  Because when I thought of it, I thought that NC would be like America where people of all different kinds of backgrounds and from all around the world would come and live.  I like the idea that it was a new place that people immigrated to for jobs, just as they did with America back in the day.  It's just one of the ideas that the more you think about it, the more it makes sense!

  • Brightvale:  Victorian England -- Both Meridell and Brightvale are very similiar but I wanted some way to distinguish them.  They're both European, of that I have no doubt, but which country and what era?  I once thought to maybe make them both different eras of England, like Meridell could be Middle Ages-esque while Brightvale is more like during the Renaissance, but I wasn't sold on the idea.  My most recent idea is to keep Brightvale as England (and it would totally be Victorian, with gas lighting and carriages) while Meridell is...

  • Meridell:  Scotland -- I can't go too in-depth simply because I don't really know a lot about Scotland.  Which is to say, next to nothing.  My main point of interest is England 1880-1930.  But from what I've heard my mom tell me about Scotland and also what I've seen in Brave, I like the idea.  It fits the kind of warrior-like atmosphere of Meridell, while Brightvale is more subdued and intellectual.  This is subject to change.

  • Roo Island:  Australia -- another one I made up from scratch.  A bit wierd, I admit, but there's not much about Roo Island, except that it's this happy-happy-joy-joy place where Blumaroos live and they play games.  They'd totally be gambling addicts!  It could be part of the culture, that EVERYONE gambles.  Anyway, they're both islands (well, sort of) so I thought... you know.

  • Shenkuu:  Japan -- another no-brainer, like do I even need to explain?

  • Lost Desert:  Arab -- visual-wise, Lost Desert is imitating Ancient Egypt but there are aspects of general Arab stuff, and it was also highly influenced by the Disney movie, Aladin.  A beggar in the streets wearing a belly dancing outfit?  Really? But anyway.  So I figured, I don't really think it would be anything in particular, just the Arab world in general. Distinguishing Qasala and Sakhmet is a great idea but I don't really know which one would be which, seeing as how neither city has any distinguishing features.  Maybe base them off of different eras?  Since Qasala only recently 'appeared'?  I prefer the idea of making them different countries, though.  Syria and Lebanon are close together and are allied, as far as I know, and even have similiar accents.  Maybe those two?  But what era?  Needs more research.

I don't know any others and as you've already seen, my research has been somewhat limited.  But all ideas must somewhere!  I'll add more if I think of anything else.

Are you even surprised?
I joined it.  Acd-holmesfest, that is.  I wasn't sure but then I decided I would do it.  Typical.

I've hardly even looked at it this entire time but I've researching and plotting like crazy.  I don't know the full details, but I know the begining, the end, and sort of what I want to happen in between.  It's as good a place as any to start.  In any case, if the plotty story doesn't work out, I have a quick 1-2k character-driven one-shot as a safety net, but hopefully it won't come to that.  I have a great idea that I think my recipient will really enjoy, if I can just write it correctly.  The plot is really just an excuse for the characters to derp out.  The derping out is the most important part.

Other than that, I've been studying and avoiding studying.  And sleeping.  My life consists of those three, mainly.

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So I was thinking about the latest episode of Gravity Falls, Not What He Seems.  Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched it yet; also, I haven’t looked at any of the other discussions or conspiracies and extra stuff like that because I just watched the episode today and I didn’t want to spoil anything for myself, so I might be clueless about things you already know.  But anyway...

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acd_holmesfest is coming around again and I am undecided whether I want to join or not.  On the one hand, it's a lot of fun and I loved doing it last time as it pushed me to finally write something with a real plot.  On the other hand, I have school work that I would like to focus on as well as a novel that I want to actually finish.  And besides, there is always next time; I can just comment this time.  We'll have to see.

If I don't join, however, I really need to push myself to write, because I've been avoiding writing my novel lately.  Instead, I wrote the beginnings to other stories I want to write, just so that I don't have to write it.  But I need to go back to it; I really do want to finish it, preferably before next Nano.  So that way, I have until now until November to finish my novel.  I don't even have to start editing; just having a finished draft would be good.

On a completely different topic, I hope Doctor Who does another episode with multiple doctors.  I just watched The Day of the Doctor recently, and I found it disappointing.  I won't spoil anything, but I will say that there wasn't enough interaction between 10 and 11, plus they really down-played 10's abilities.  Possibly to make 11 cooler because he's older?  I mean, the whole point of doing an episode that brings characters from different fandoms or episodes is so that you get to see the characters interacting.  I was so looking forward to 10 and 11 being awesome together but they didn't really get to talk together much, and 10 didn't anything.  But can you imagine 10, 11, and 12 together?  I love 12 so much; my sister calls him a Scottish Christopher Lloyd.  He's much tougher and more bad-ass than 10 and 11 that I think they would really balance each other out well, and make for some comedy gold.  Here's to hoping!

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Oh my god One Piece.


It's been so long!  I'm not even here to rave/rant about the latest chapter -- I was just reading old ones!  Like, I started right before Luffy made the promise with his crew to meet up after two years instead of three days.  I hadn't read those chapters, because I watched the anime during the whole war to rescue Ace, then I ended up getting into the manga but I missed those chapters...so I went back and read them yesterday.

One Piece, I have decided, is one third humour (really funny humour XD), one third craziness (ex: Mr. Two), and one third SHEER AWESOMENESS.  That's why we all watch and love it!  I nearly woke the whole household up from laughing when the laboratory Franky was in blew up, with the picture of Franky in the sky doing a thumbs-up.  LOL!  And I love Zoro and Mihawk together!

Mihawk:  "I do not understand...if you still consider me an enemy...then why would you prostrate yourself before me and ask for my teaching?  What purpose does this serve?!!"

Zoro:  "So that I may surpass you."

It's a close thing my computer doesn't implode from testosterone levels every time they appear together.  Like, seriously.

So that's how I've been avoiding writing these past few days, lol.  I do want to get around to writing but...getting distracted...I should go write right now, shouldn't I?  I really should.

HTML blues
Good news!  I now have a Tumblr account!  I'll be cross-posting between here on LJ and there from now on.  Check it out here! My only problem now is the HTML.  It's so confusing!!! T.T  I had to ask my sister and then helped, so all is well XD  My biggest problem was just that I wanted to link to all my things on my Tumblr and couldn't figure out how to do that.  But now I have a nice theme and all my links on the side.  Now I just to figure out how to do that on LJ.  I don't even know if the theme I chose here will allow it!  I mean, I don't see why not but I just don't understand how.

In other news, my tests are finished!  Well, technically not, but all I have left is computer and something else that ridiculous and has no purpose, so I'm done studying, if not actual tests.  Which is why I made the Tumblr.  Oh, Pinterest as well!  I made a board for The Detective with all my references -- including the picture my sister made fore it -- check it out!  Now that the tests are over, I can go back to writing my much-neglected novel -- or would that be novella?

Must be off now!  Lots to do and lots of time to waste!

I've been studying for my mid-year tests for a long time now, and during that time I didn't allow myself to go on the computer.  (I still have Wi-fi on my phone, though, which is a bit of a problem.)  But I just finished my Arabic test the day before yesterday, which was the biggest test I was afraid of, so now I'm allowing myself a day off ^^

As for my stoy The Detective (whose name I'm considering changing) my interest in it has come back.  For the last week of Nano, I ran out of planning, had no idea what to write, and I lost interest.  So I left it exactly 25263 words, all because I still couldn't figure out the mystery plot.  But now I'm getting back into, planning all the stuff I had left and making real, actual headway.  Yay!  There are some wrinkles that I need to iron out in it the plot and then I can start writing it.  Ooh, and my sister drew a picture for it!  Go check it out here! <3

I think I'm going to join Tumblr and I can cross-post between here and there.  I would never have thought of it but I saw my sister using it and it looks like a neat platform.  Plus, there's a whole new world of fanwork over there!  I might just make an account once I finished writing this but I won't do anything with it until my tests are completely done next week.  First AO3 and now Tumblr!  I'm everywhere!

Just Dance 2014 is awesome!  It actually got my brother to dance!  Judgement Day is coming, people.  Be afraid.  But it was so much fun!  Even if I do suck at it.  And the motion sensors are a bit wierd.  But then I got it for the Wii so I guess there's only so much it can do.

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The Acd-Holmesfest is over. That was a blast! I'll definitely come back for more, maybe next time or the time after that. All the entries were great and I enjoyes reading all of them ^.^ and my gift! So sad, so lovely. Definitely enjoyed it.

My one annoyance was that my recipient deleted his account. I mean, I spent a month trying to make a story that he would like, the least he could do is comment and tell me what thinks! In any case, it seems that he didn't even create anything, so obviously he just made the account so he could sign up and get a gift without contributing. Grumble grumble mutter...

But who cares! I wrote a my very first case-fic! The only reason why I made one was because I needed a way to incorporate the steampunk into the story without being awkward; the only way I could think of to do that was to include it in the plot. So I needed a plot to put it into, and a case-fic was the only thing I could think of. I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself!

Expanding my horizons
I now have an AO3 account O.O I feel like I'm cheating on FFN, lol. Honestly, I only joined it so I can read some of the fics that are only available to people with an account but I think it'll be useful. It said it has history for the things you've read and stuff? I'm not sure. Besides, I'm considering stopping posting my fics on LJ. I'm still not sure, though. It's just easier on FFN (still don't know about AO3) for things like summary and word count and stuff, and anyway I'll still be using LJ for my updates and rambles and things.

I know I feel this way about every new thing I join, but AO3 is so confusing!! I just took a look right now about the tags and my head is swimming with new jargon to learn: 'sym' tags, meta tags, parent tags, canonical tags...the list goes on. I'm sure I'll learn it eventually but for now I'm stumped. I'll post my fics onto AO3 eventually but I don't feel like doing it now. Maybe over the vacation?

As for the ACD-Holmestice, my gift just came up a few days ago! Yay! It was really good. A bit sad but the ending made it all worth; I enjoyed it a lot! I can't wait for the reveal to find who wrote it.


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